How to Fix 5 Common Problems on Windshield Wipers

We typically give little thought to our vehicle’s windshield wipers until we actually need them and they don’t properly work. I’ve had a few experiences where I was essentially driving blind through the torrential rain of an Oklahoma thunderstorm because my wiper blades were shot and simply smeared the sheets of water across my windshield. Man, those were some scary drives. Even when I’ve had brand spanking new blades, I’ve experienced a few drives where it seemed like no matter what I did, my windshield was a blurry mess.

Today we take a look at the most common windshield wiper problems and offer some solutions that will give you a clear view of the road ahead in even the worst weather. It’s a good addendum to this week’s post on maintaining your car.

Smearing in Both Directions

If your wipers smear water in both directions, you may have one of the following problems:

  • worn blades
  • a dirty windshield and/or wiper blade
  • sub-par windshield wiper fluid

Try using new wiper fluid and cleaning the windshield and wiper blades before you replace the blades. To clean your wiper blades, simply wipe them with a clean rag

How to Recover from 5 Types of Skids

6-10-emerg5With winter comes a whole new range of driving hazards — darkness sets in much earlier, wind and snow reduce visibility, and ice makes roads slippery and treacherous. Annually, there are over 100,000 injuries that occur from car accidents on snowy or icy pavement. If you live in an area where snow is a winter reality (roughly 70% of the U.S. population lives in areas that average at least 5 inches of annual snow), then it’s vital to have the skills necessary for driving safely in inclement conditions. One of those skills is how to recover from a skid. The feeling of losing control of one’s vehicle can be quite scary, and it’s easy to panic and make the wrong moves if you don’t know what to do.

Below we outline the 5 most common types of skids on wintery pavement, and how to recover when they happen. In general, if you stay calm, restrain yourself from making drastic movements, and follow the tips below, you’ll be able to safely travel the nation’s highways and byways throughout the winter months.

1. Wheelspin

Wheelspin occurs when you try

How To Change A Flat Tire

319759There’s no sound  as disheartening to a driver than the flop flop of a flat tire. They always seem to come at inconvenient times, too. But to a man who knows how to change a flat, that flopping noise is a chance to display his self-sufficiency.

Just like knowing how to jumpstart a car, knowing how to change a flat tire is a skill every man should possess. It will save your own butt when you’re out on some lonely stretch of highway and come in handy when helping a damsel in distress or a hapless traveler on the side of the road. Follow these steps and you’ll back on the road in no time.

Tools needed: Spare tire, jack, lug wrench.

1. Park your car on a flat surface. If you get a flat while on the road, pull your car as far away from traffic as possible . Make sure to put on the emergency brake. It’s also recommended to put a block on the tire opposite of the flat tire. Put to use that fruitcake from Aunt Gertie you’ve been toting around in the trunk. Here’s a blocking example: if your right rear tire is

Complete Package of Auto Repair

People often forget that their malfunctioning car can only be fixed as good as the one who fixes it. You find your car cannot be started right when you are about to go to work and you rush it to the first auto repair you bump into. While this may sound like a logical decision, it may not work so well in the long run. You have spent so much money on continuous repairs that if you collect that money you pay for the repair, you might end up with enough to buy a new car. Some mechanics out there only care about how to get their job done as quickly as they can. They do so in hurry that they may have overlooked some important details, an act that may lead to your recurring visit. Sometimes you get lucky and your first visit is also your last. But there is only so much luck you can lean on until you realize that your next ride can wind up being your next visit to auto repair. You need to think about how to make your car last longer instead of subjecting it to too much regular repair. Unless

I Felt Like a Princess on My Wedding Day

When my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I was so excited. I knew that it was going to happen, but I just had no idea that it was going to happen as quickly as it did. We both knew that we were meant to be together, so it only made sense to start the rest of our lives together now rather than later. I did not want to wait to get married, so I told him I just wanted a small ceremony and an even smaller reception. I did do a search for limo in Toronto because that was the only luxury that I did want.

I have always dreamed of having a really nice wedding, ever since I was a little girl.

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A Party Bus for Friends

When my friend told me that she was getting a Toronto party bus for all of us to go out in, I thought she was joking. I seriously thought that only rich people could afford to do things like that. While none of us are hurting for money, we certainly are not drowning in it either. When she told me the price, I was pretty surprised at how low it cost to do something like that. Then, I figured that it was just a regular bus that might have a few amenities in it, and she had to laugh when I described what I was thinking.

She told me to go to the website of the limo company that she reserved the party bus from so I could see pictures of the bus. When I did, I was pretty surprised. I was expecting to see a bus where people were sitting forward only in bench type seats. You know what I mean, the typical bus seats that almost every bus has.

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Started Planning Roger’s Bachelor Party

I have started to plan the bachelor party for my friend Roger. It is going to involve a pretty decent budget. He is a software designer and there are about twenty guys from his workplace who are going to throw in tow pay for the night out. All of these guys make a lot of money and so I am going to have more than enough money if I watch on the cost. I have already found a place where you can get a fairly cheap party bus rental.

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How to Parallel Park

It’s Friday night and Mr. Suburbia is driving downtown to the big city with Judy on a first date to catch a 7PM off-Broadway performance of Guys and Dolls. He’s running a bit late.“I hope I can find a parking spot near the theater or else we’ll miss the start of the show,” he thinks to himself.He drives by the performing arts center desperately scanning for an empty parking space. He spots one next to the curb right in front of the theater. But to Mr. Suburbia’s dismay, it’s nestled between two other cars.“Oh, sweet baby Frank Sinatra on a stick…I’ll have to parallel park,” Mr. Suburbia thinks. His palms get sweaty. Mr. Suburbia knows he stinks at parallel parking. It just isn’t something he has to do out in the suburbs with its vast expanses of near-empty parking lots.

Mr. Suburbia has a choice. Attempt to parallel park and risk being the guy that holds up traffic for 20 minutes while trying over and over again to back into the spot, consequently embarrassing Judy, or drive around a few more blocks hoping to find a spot that he can handle pulling into. Either way, he and Judy will be late for the